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Easy Peasy Dining

It's dinnertime and the house is a zoo. Take one thing off your plate (get it?) and let the kids set the table tonight. It will be beautiful, without a mess of plates and a pile of utensils. They will learn etiquette with a side of math; two for one! There is an easy peasy way to remember how to set the table at home. If you know left from right, you will have it mastered in mere seconds.

Let’s start with just the basics: counting letters!

  • LEFT has 4 letters. FORK and ROLL have four as well.

  • RIGHT has 5 letters. SPOON, KNIFE, and GLASS all have 5 as well.

  • The sneaky but essential NAPKIN has six letters, so let’s throw that in with the even numbers. Yep, it goes with the 4s!

Here comes the really easy part: 4=LEFT, 5=RIGHT. The four-letter words go on the left, and the five-letter words on the right.

The napkin and fork sit to the left of your dinner plate, and any small bread ROLL plates will sit to the top left of the plate. The spoon and knife both sit to the right of the dinner plate, and the glass (water, wine, etc) will sit to the top right. See? Easy!

Formal dining has more pieces, but we’ll look at those another day. Step one for at-home dining is done! Let’s eat and make some beautiful memories around the table!


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